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Ametek ASM Series Signal Multi Scanner

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The ASM-800 series is designed for use where ever temperature measurement is critical and/or there is a need for traceable calibration documentation.

The ASM series is a series of 8-channel scanners controlled by JOFRACAL software through a PC. Up to 3 ASM units can be stacked to calibrate up to 24 sensors at the same time. It can handle signals from 2-, 3- and 4 wire RTD's, TC's, transmitters, thermistors, temperature switches and voltage.

The solution includes the easy-to-use software JOFRACAL to set up, execute, print and save the valuable traceable calibration data - just connect the ASM to a PC through a RS232 cable.

JOFRACAL controls all JOFRA dry-block heating/cooling sources and includes the flexibility to use manual liquid baths, ice-points or dryblocks. Connect the reference temperature sensor directly to the ASM-800 or use your existing JOFRA temperature reference device.

Furthermore the JOFRALOG software allows the user to use the ASM scanner as a data-logging device for up to 24 sensors.

The ASM-series is available in 3 versions depending on the kind of sensors to be measured.

ASM-801 has 8 universal plugs. This is a fixed screw terminal solution used to measure RTD's, TC's, mA, voltage, ohm, and transmitters. It measures the cold junction (CJ) temperature for each channel and is able to supply a very accurate cold junction (CJ) temperature compensation.

ASM-802 has 8 small TC plugs for measurement of TC sensors. This modeI also measures the cold junction (CJ) temperature for each channel and is able to supply a very accurate cold junction (CJ) temperature compensation.

ASM-803 has 8 LEMO plugs, which are primarily for measurement of RTD sensors. This solution makes it possible to measure current, voltage and ohm. It has built-in loop power supply for each channel.

The ASM multi-scanner is made in an A and a B model. The ASM B model is the complete solution with integrated scanner and high accuracy multi signal measuring circuits. The ASM A model is less expensive and is designed to add 8 channel scanning capabilities to an existing instrument. The A model therefore needs the measuring capabilities from a JOFRA dry-block ATC B model, JOFRA ASC300 signal calibrator, DTI-1000 reference thermometer or an ASM B model.

The A model use the measuring circuit of an existing instrument. This means that the normal set-up of the measuring equipment is used, and the multi-scanner then makes it possible to calibrate up to 8 sensors simultaneously. The built-in cold junction temperature measuring circuit ensures high accuracy when calibrating thermocouples. The A model is also capable of working without the JOFRACAL with a manual channel selector at the back. The A model may transmit an analogue signal of up to 8 sensors to one connected measuring device. It is able to transmit signals up to 30VDC, 30 mA.

The B model has the same functions as the A model, but it differs as it is not necessary to include a measuring instrument in the set-up, as the multi-scanner has build-in measurement capabilities. The most important advantage of the B model is the fact that it is possible to obtain huge reductions in time of the calibration procedure. The B model is able to perform several measurements each second, whereas the A model as an example will spend approx. 15 seconds on each measurement, when connected to an RTC B model. The B models is able to measure voltage up to 10V, resistance up to 4KΩ and current up to 24mA.

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