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GE Inspection Technologies CL5 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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Three soft keys directly under the display activate the functions shown on the display menus. Four directional keys help make menu changes and navigation of the text entry screen simple and efficient.

The graphical display presents the user with seven different operation modes. The user can select Normal, Minimum Scan, Maximum Scan, Differential/Rate of Reduction, Thk+A-Scan (option), Velocity (option) or Quality View. The CL5 uses a programmable data recorder for easy set up of data files from the PC. The SD Card memory system places all the data recording and set-up information on a removable SD memory card. The files are formatted allowing drag and drop files when plugged directly into the PC. Other data such as digital photographs can also be stored on the same SD card. The CL5 allows direct connection to the PC, using a serial or USB port (with optional cable).

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