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Global Energy Innovations 8656-5003

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Product Highlights

  • High Impact low-frequency Technique
  • Pulses up to 250 amps quickly remove heavy sulfation buildup and restore your batteries.
  • Selectable Ranges
  • The Dynapulse┬« 248 System is selectable for 2 to 48 volt batteries and has a maximum power setting of 6.0 KW, the 1224 for 12 or 24 volt batteries and the 3648 for 36 or 48 volt batteries. The Dynapulse┬« System product line covers the entire range of your battery needs.
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple, controls and readouts for easy operation. Voltage and Amperes readouts. Battery size selector (30-60 and Above 60 Amp Hours ranges). Average current adjustment control. LED indicators for Reversal Error, Charging, Sulfated and Done. Short circuit and reverse protection.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Robust, heavy duty construction. Easily portable with ergonomic handle and rugged wheels.
  • Non-Intrusive and Non-Damaging
  • The Dynapulse┬« low-frequency, conditioning and restoration technique is non-damaging to your batteries
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