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Reference Sphere Mini Prism

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Flexibility: laser scanner positions can be easily determined within a local or global frame of reference / coordinate system

Very accurate: best possible results through the use of a total station or a tachymeter

Do you need very accurate results? Or are you required to transfer the object scanned into an existing coordinate system? In either case, you will want to use a mini prism. The center of the mini prism equals that of our reference spheres. Consequently, a fast and accurate survey of the reference spheres is possible without any problems. Use our reference stickers to easily and accurately position and install the reference sphere and the mini prism.

Product attributes:
Prism constant: -34,4 mm
Forced centering because the prism will be screwed onto a threaded bolt (M8) or mounted onto the magnetic base of our reference spheres
Fully compatible with our Reference Sphere Sets Surveyer, UltraX and Flexi
Surveying the reference spheres with a total station
Surveying the center of the reference spheres to achieve highly accurate results
Determining the position of the object scanned within the context of an existing coordinate system, e.g. halls, plants, areas
Areas of application:
Architecture, construction, and preservation of historic buildings and monuments
Digital factory and plant construction
Mining industry and tunnel construction
Energy and supplying industry
All types of tachymeters that support a prism constant of -34.4 mm(mini prism round)
With the help of the mini prism, you will directly determine the coordinate for your registration purposes.
Particularly suitable for laser-scanning projects that must be linked to an existing coordinate system/reference system
In complex laser-scanner projects, measuring the centre of the sphere increases the accuracy of the registration.
Eccentric measurements are relics of the past.
Use our stickers to permanently mark your reference and control points. That way, you will be able to accurately position and install the reference sphere as well as the mini prism for your surveying tasks.

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