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Teksco CompuFlow Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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Applications include: sludges, slurries, aerated liquids, sewage, dredges, pulp, plastics, and activated sludges.

The Teksco CompuFlow is housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure. It is perfect for long-term, maintenance-free operation. A typical system is comprised of a converter (display module) and a clamp-on Doppler sensor which is included or an insertion detector which must be purchased separately. The CompuFlow can be set up with sensor cable lengths up to 5000 feet.

The CompuFlow is available in two basic packages. The full-featured model includes 4-20mA output, Hi/Lo alarm, RS232 communications, and batch control at one great, low price. The basic model allows users to chose features a-la-carte. Additionally, data logging and wireless communication options are available for both packages.

Technology Explained – Doppler Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters are optimized for measuring high solid-content fluids such as sludges and slurries. Doppler flow meters operate by sensing the frequency shifts of signals reflected from moving particles, bubbles, or density difference within a liquid – and producing a linear signal proportional to the flow of the liquid within the pipe. The flow meter converts these frequency shifts to flow rate and total.

Ultrasonic flow meter technology saves time and money while accurately measuring a wide variety of flows. With this technology, the transducers in a doppler ultrasonic flow system are mounted on the outside of the pipe, providing tremendous advantages over more traditional and invasive flow measurement instruments.

These benefits include:

- no system downtime for installation
- no system contamination
- no pressure drop
- no moving parts
- no risk of leaks (simplifies regulatory approval)
- virtually maintenance-free

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