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Used Leica ScanStation C10 3D Laser Scanner

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The equipment in mint condition, has only been used 3 times.
high-accuracy/long-range scanner, tilt sensor, battery, controller, data storage, auto-adjusting video camera and laser plummet all in one compact, portable instrument.

ScanStation C10 3D scanner includes;
- 1X HDSC10, Leica ScanStation C10 scanhead (767742)
- 1X GVP645, ScanStation C10 transport container (769625)
- 1X GDF121, Tribrach, pale green, no plummet (667304)
- 4X GEB242, Battery int, LI-Ion 14.8V/5.8Ah (793975)
- 1X GKL212, Basic charger (772785)
- 1X AC/DC adapter for basic charger (772785)
- 1X Daisy chain cable for basic charger (773059)
- 1X Car-Adapter cable for basic charger (738242)
- 1X GEV228, ScanStation C10 data cable (766567)
- 1X GHM008, Scanner height meter (772829)
- 1X GHT196, Distance holder for height meter (722045)
- 1X Cleaning Cloth (771349)
- 1X CD-ROM Cyclone (755609)
- 1X ScanStation C10 User Manual (774311)
- 1X Cyclone SCAN license for Scan-Laptop (760954)

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